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Our Story

Founded by partners, Johnny & Joey, Puppy Nums LLC had a very humble beginning. Puppy Nums LLC is headquartered in Saint Petersburg, FL. Saint Petersburg is recognized as the #1 pet friendly city in the US. We are so proud to call Saint Petersburg home to our family, which includes our four adopted rescues (Parley, Presley, Pickles, and Perry)​ and many other foster pets. Shortly after welcoming two of our pups into our home, we noticed they began experiencing severe allergies and digestive issues. After numerous trips to the vet and many expensive bills, we were told that nothing abnormal was discovered, however the allergies and digestive issues continued. Being a paramedic for many years, Johnny wondered if the issues could be caused by their diet. We started looking at the ingredients in what we were feeding our pets and found that the majority of commercially processed pet food and treats contained chemicals and products that were potentially harmful; not to mention being made using some pretty disgusting ingredients. We decided to try making our own pet food and pet treats at home using all natural, quality, nutritious ingredients; such as hormone free organic meats, fresh local fruits and vegetables, and fresh herbs grown in our very own garden. Not long after making this change, we noticed great improvement in our pets' health, and the allergies and digestive issues completely cleared up. We spent many very late nights in our kitchen (a.k.a. the barkery) carefully crafting our very own flavors and recipes and continued baking all of our pets' food and treats at home and continue to this day. Soon, family and neighbors began asking us to make food and treats for their pets, as well. From that beginning, Puppy Nums LLC was formed and continues to grow. Our products remain baked and crafted by our small family crew, using the same quality ingredients we always have. Our crew now attends over 100 events and festivals annually, opens the Puppy Nums Popup Market at various locations several times monthly,  is available in select local retail pet stores and offer our products online. Our pets love Puppy Nums all natural treats and we are sure yours will too! Feel free to reach out to us anytime with any questions at or

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